Melanj Hair was created with you in mind -- the busy working woman, the transitioning natural, the experimenter, the glamoholic; yes, YOU! We know you’ve spent hours styling your hair only for it not to come out the way you expected. We understand what a botched haircut can do to your style goals and we’ve seen the lengths you’ll go to get the perfect hairstyle. For these reasons and many more, we’ve created a product to help take your styles to the next level.

Our mission is to provide you with high quality, textured hair extensions meant to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. With six custom textures, Melanj Hair blends so flawlessly no one will believe it’s not real. 


As sisters, we have always shared a love for hair. Like many others, we decided to join the natural hair movement about 13 years ago; long before it was considered a movement. In a time before hair tutorials and style gurus, we had each other. Together, we tried new products, new styling techniques and had many fails along the way.

In 2011, we created MIIX MII, a YouTube channel and blog all about our hair. Years later and having finally mastered wash day, the results were just what we wanted, BUT we found ourselves recycling the same styles over and over. Bored with the usual twist out or roller set and tired of playing Russian roulette with the weather, we spent more days with our hair in a bun than we would like to admit.

Wanting something new without making drastic changes, we set out to create a product that compliments our hair without compromising it. A product that gives endless styling options even on our lazy days. Something that looks and feels so natural it goes completely undetected. And, most importantly, something we can confidently share with those who trust us.

After months of testing, we have designed a product that looks and feels like us. We've sourced the highest quality human hair and customized the textures to flawlessly blend with natural hair.

Finally, we can be excited about our hair routine and look good in the process. We consider it the new natural. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of our journey and invite you to transform your styles with Melanj Hair. Get ready to be your own hair goals!


Whitney + Nikki