5 Products to Cleanse, Condition + Detangle Curly Hair Extensions

Detangling Curly Hair Extensions

Using the right products on your Melanj Hair is one the the BEST things you can do to maintain the look and feel of your extensions. Unlike unprocessed, human hair extensions; textured human hair extensions have undergone a process to create the curls, kinks and waves that allow them to blend with your natural hair texture. 

For this reason, products that work well on traditional/straight hair extensions (or even your natural hair) may not give the result you're expecting.

When shopping for products, you want to keep two things in mind -- MOISTURE and SLIP! We've compiled a list of our favorite cleansers and conditioners to use on curly hair extensions. (They work wonders on your natural hair, too!)


Using a sulfate-free shampoo or cleanser will ensure your extensions are clean and free of build up. Starting with a clean base, will also allow the conditioning process to work as intended without weighing the hair down.

The Texture ID Curl Clarifying Shampoo is one of our favorite cleansers. It has a creamy texture, a light scent and lathers nicely without leaving hair feeling stripped. Texture ID's Cream Conditioner, Leave-in conditioner and Styling Foam are also on the top of our list of favorites. 



The best conditioners for textured hair extensions are ones that have lots of slip and add moisture back into the hair. If the conditioner you're using doesn't melt into the hair right away leaving it softer and more manageable than when you started, it's not the right product!

The TGINatural Honey Miracle Mask and Green Tea Supermoist Leave-in Conditioner are something like a dynamic duo. The hair mask works best when it's left on the hair for at least 15 min and rinsed out, where the leave-in is meant to be left in the hair for detangling and styling. 

If you're looking for a bargain, we love the GVP Conditioning Balm. Because it comes in a larger size, you can use as much as you want without the worry of running out of product. It's also has plenty of slip to help with detangling and can be left on as a leave-in for quick styling without being too heavy on the hair.


Like your natural hair, it is important to keep your hair extensions free of tangles and using the right tool can make a huge difference.
stacked bristle detangling brush by Melanj Hair
Using a detangling brush, gently brush hair starting at the ends of the hair and work upward while the hair is completely wet and saturated in a slippery conditioner or creamy leave-in. This will allow the brush to glide smoothly through the hair strands and minimize shedding. 

Before we go, let's talk about a few things to avoid:


  • Detangle dry hair without product
  • Use products meant for strengthening hair i.e. protein-based products
  • Use products that cause build up ie. shea butter, coconut oil etc.

Now that you have the basics covered, you're ready to start styling your Melanj Hair extensions!