How long will it take to get my extensions during the holidays?

All holiday shipping and processing times can be viewed here.

How long will my hair extensions last?

With proper care, your hair extensions should last up to 12 months. Just like your natural hair, activities like bleaching and excessive heat can cause damage and decrease the lifespan of your hair extensions. Review our Hair Care + Maintenance guide.

How do I care for my clip ins?

Please review the Hair Care + Maintenance guide for detailed instructions and styling tips. Note: Clips are hand sewn to wefts and thread may become loose over time. This normal wear and tear for clip-ins. Additional clips are included and can be re-sewn to the wefts, if necessary.

Can I color my hair extensions?

Yes! Melanj Hair is 100% remy human hair. It can be cut, colored or lightened. We recommend seeking professional help to cut, apply or lift color from your hair extensions. Just like your natural hair, any hair extensions that have undergone chemical processing will require more maintenance to keep them looking like new. Use of bleach for drastic lightening effect can alter the original texture of the hair. 

Can I straighten my curly hair extensions?

Yes; however, it is not recommended. Although our hair is very versatile and can be styled in countless ways, excessive manipulation or use of heat may loosen the curls or cause damage to the hair texture.

Can I straighten my Coarse Kinky Straight hair extensions?

Yes! You can straighten your Coarse Kinky Straight hair; however, some texture will remain when using moderate temperatures (325°-400°). For a silky finish or bone straight styles, you will need to use maximum heat (450°) or a better option may be our Loose Kinky Straight or Silk Press Straight hair, which straighten at lower temperatures.

What products should I use?

We recommend using a gentle co-wash or sulfate free shampoo to clean your hair extensions and follow up with a rinse out conditioner. Deep conditioning with heat is highly recommended for any color-treated hair. Avoid using heavy creams, shea butter or products with shea butter in them.

What textures do you have?

Silk Press Straight is humidity resistant and blend seamlessly with natural hair that has been silk-pressed or chemically straightened. Meant to be worn bone straight and perfect for blunt cuts.

Loose Kinky Straight is our most versatile texture. It blends seamlessly with natural hair that straightens easily when blown out. This texture has a loose natural wave pattern with medium luster and fine hair strands. The hair is soft to the touch with lots of body and movement. It straightens and curls with ease.

Coarse Kinky Straight is lightweight with lots of movement and made to blend seamlessly with 4c hair when blown out. Hair has a tight wave pattern with low luster and coarse hair strands.

Spiral Curl is loosely coiled, ringlet curls with medium luster, fine hair strands and meant to blend seamlessly with 3b natural hair when worn in a wash n go.

Corkscrew Curl is made of ringlet curls with medium luster and meant to blend seamlessly with 3c natural hair when worn in a wash n go.

Coil Curl is made of tightly coiled, ringlet curls with low luster and meant to blend seamlessly with 4b/c natural hair when worn in a wash in go.

How do I install my clip-ins?

Clip-in hair extensions can be installed in many ways. If you’re leaving your natural hair out, simply part your hair in thin sections, snap the clips open and click them closed onto the roots of your hair. If you’re braiding your hair down, follow the same steps but snap the clips onto the braid. Once installed, the clip-ins should feel comfortable not tight. If you experience any pulling or tugging, adjust the clip by snapping open and moving to a more comfortable position before clicking closed.

Can I sleep in my clip-ins?

We do not recommend sleeping in clip-ins as it can cause friction or breakage to your natural hair. Hair extensions can also become matted or tangled if slept in.

How should I store my clip ins?

Once you have removed your clip-ins, make sure all clips are closed, group wefts together with hair flowing in the same direction and place inside your Melanj storage bag. The satin lining will protect hair from breakage and ensures the hair remains tangle free.

How many sets of clip-ins do I need for a full head?

You only need 1 set of clip-ins for a natural-looking, yet voluminous style. For extra volume, or to blend with very thick natural hair, 2 sets are recommended.

How many bundles do I need for a sew-in?

We recommend 2-3 wefted hair bundles for full head in all textures. For lengths 20”+ at least 3 wefted hair bundles are recommended. When using Silk Press Straight hair, add an additional bundle for ultra voluminous results.

Can I wear a texture that is different from my natural hair texture?

Yes, we encourage you to experiment and try something new! While you can wear any texture, keep in mind that the closer the texture is to your natural hair, the less manipulation is needed to blend with your hair extensions.

How much hair and how many clip-in pieces are included in a set?

Our clip-ins have 9 pieces and 160g of hair in the Blow Out Collection and 180g in the Curls Collection. They come in lengths 16”, 18” and 20”.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed within 2-3 business days from the time the order was placed. Review our Shipping + Delivery times here.

What payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also accept payments through PayPal and AmazonPay. Payment plan options are available via Klarna and ShopPay.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Review our Return + Exchange policy here.