7 Black Woman-Owned Brands to Support Now & Forever

It’s no secret women (ehem, Black women) have been doing their thing! Whether it’s leaving their mark on the beauty industry or taking up space in the fashion world, black women all over are making their presence known. The amount of passion, creativity and drive that goes into their brands are remarkable and can be felt instantly. 

As a black woman-owned brand, there's a sense of natural camaradarie that exists between us. Without speaking, we understand each others' challenges, we can relate to one another's stories and we know just how much really goes into putting every little piece together to make one grand statement. Over the last few months, there have been several black women-owned brands that have caught our eye. These brands are thoughtful, their stories are amazing and their products are out of this world.

Although March is dedicated to women and women’s history, here’s 8 Black Women-Owned Brands to Support Now…… and well, forever.

Rebundle, [Hair + Beauty] 

Created by Ciara Imani May and Danielle Washington, Rebundle solves a problem many of us have faced – braiding hair minus the waxy, irritation-inducing chemicals. They offer non-toxic, plant-based braiding hair that’s better for your scalp and the environment. Let’s all say goodbye to the painful scalp caused by the irritation of traditional, synthetic braiding hair and hello to Rebundle.


Oui the People, [Self + Skincare]

OUI the People

“We believe beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of our psyche”, says Karen Young, Founder of OUI the People. OUI the People, FKA OUI Shave is best known for its single blade razor that has redefined the way razors have been designed for and marketed towards women. The razors, skincare kits and BIG MOOD bath soak has us ready to spend the weekend getting shaved and buffed!


Local European, [Clothing + Lifestyle]

Founded by Alexandra Bunch, Local European is a sustainable clothing brand that creates classic pieces that have a bit of edge. The simple color palette and interesting silhouettes are effortlessly stunning and has us ready to add all to cart! The fact that the pieces are manufactured in the US (Los Angeles) in small batches from deadstock fabrics are the cherries on top.


Good Thoughts Tea Co. [Self Care + Lifestyle]

Based in Chicago, Good Thoughts Tea Co. is an all-natural loose leaf tea company that’s owned and operated by Eboné McCloud. Centered around the healing properties of herbs, their main goal is to help heal from the inside out while embracing the experience and conversations of tea time. The unique blends and spirit sprays have us ready to light our candles and sip tea all day long.

HOLY WATA (tea blend) - $18.50

Briogeo, [Hair + Beauty]

Owned by Nancy Twine, Briogeo gives a fresh and diverse take on natural hair care by creating simple product kits made with naturally derived ingredients. We love that the hair quiz takes the guesswork out of knowing what products to use to address concerns like frizz, repair and dryness. After finding out exactly what products are best — wash day me, please!


Mented Cosmetics, [Makeup + Beauty]

Created by KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, Mented Cosmetics is known for their dreamy nude lippies that perfectly compliment brown skin of all shades. With products ranging from super pigmented eyeshadows and blush palettes to a full nude nail collection, Mented has your beauty needs covered.

YGN, [Hair + Lifestyle]

YGN is one hair solution we all need in our toolkit! Created by Monique Little, YGN features chic, satin-lined headwraps, scarves and turbans that keep your hair protected and presentable even on days when you don’t have the time to do anything more to your hair. We love that the products can keep you looking good and feeling beautiful from day to night.