7 Protective Styles Worth Trying Right Now

It’s been fifty-leven days since you’ve been able to see your favorite stylist and chances are you could use a break from whatever you’ve been doing in the meantime. Even if you’ve been completely owning this time away from the salon, it’s safe to say you’re probably tired of the same hair routine you’ve had week after week.

Since we’re all in this weird gray area of not needing to do a lot but also, not wanting to do nothing, it’s the perfect time to try a new protective style. Not only are protective styles a great way to reduce the stress and manipulation of your hair, they can be worn for several days, which saves you priceless time you may have spent styling your hair each day.

When trying a new protective style, we like to look for styles that:

  • Do not require the use of direct heat
  • Do not cause tension or pulling around the hairline
  • Require minimal daily maintenance, if any
  • BONUS: Can transition into another style!!

You also want to look at the difficulty level of the style you’re attempting for the first time. Of course, not all protective styles are created equally when it comes to their level of difficulty. To save yourself a headache and lots of time, know your limits! If you cannot braid to the scalp, don’t try that style. Opt for something you know you can accomplish -- we want this to be a pleasant, not painful process.

Here’s 7 protective styles we’re ready to try right now...

1. Mini Twists

Difficulty Level: 1  Time: 1 hr

Mini twists on your natural hair is one of the simplest and lowest manipulation styles you can do, but make sure you have set aside enough time to complete the style. Although they take a while to complete, they often last 1-2 weeks. You can also wear other styles like ponytails and buns or add hair jewels to make them pop. Once you're over the twists, you can take them out to rock a cute twist out for at least a couple more days.


Difficulty Level: 1   Time: 15 min

Get ready for a ponytail with a twist. The best thing about having textured hair is we can do so many things with our hair, it’s almost like creating art. And that’s exactly how we feel about this protective style. The bubble ponytail is fun and super easy to create. If you’re wanting to add more length and volume to your bubbles, use textured extensions by Melanj Hair

3. Mini Braids 

Difficulty Level: 1  Time: 1 hr

Like mini twists, mini braids are another great way to style your hair if you’re looking for something that is completely low maintenance. In order for your braids to last 1-2 weeks, make sure your hair has been freshly washed and conditioned prior to braiding. You can also apply a light oil to your scalp to keep up with the style. Braiding to the scalp requires a bit more skill but don't worry, you can skip that part and do all loose braids, too!

4. Cornrows + Mini Buns 

Difficulty Level: 4 Time: 30 min

If you’re wanting your hair completely tucked away and out of your face, you can try classic cornrows finished with mini buns. This style can be done on wet hair or hair that has been blow dried, which may be a bit easier to manage when braiding. For buns that are thick and luscious, use a few clip-ins in your texture and add hair jewels for a cute finish! As long as you wrap your hair with a scarf at night, this style should last at least 4 days.


Difficulty Level: 3  Time: 20 min

If you haven’t jumped on the “half up, half down” train, you are truly missing out! This style is super easy and allows you to have all of your hair tucked away if that’s what you want. Once you’ve created your top knot or ponytail, the rest of your hair can be braided and pinned down. Next, you can install a set of Melanj Hair clip-ins in your texture to the back, saving a weft for the ponytail. Wrap the ponytail or bun with the last weft and you’re good to go!


Difficulty Level: 2  Time: 20 min

The faux bun hawk is a fun style that’s super easy, even for beginners. As long as you can make a ponytail and a bun, you can achieve this look! The texture in these buns are the real star of the style and with the help of textured clip-ins, you can create 3-4 super-sized buns that are sure to make a statement at the next virtual brunch. 


Difficulty Level: 3  Time: 20 min 

Have you ever seen an updo that looks super complicated and nearly impossible to achieve, only to find out it’s really simple?! Right, us too! It’s such a moment of relief when you see a cute style that’s actually attainable AND keeps your hair protected. For this updo, you’ll want to start on blow dried hair. After creating 4-5 loose flat twists, you’ll pin the ends in opposite directions. We always say -- just do what feels right when it comes to pinning and tucking. For added length, try a set of our Blow Out collection clip-ins.

See something you like?? Go ahead and give it a try! If you do, let us know in the comments section below or tag us in your photos on Instagram (@melanjhair) so we can see!