Excuse Me While I Slay the Living Room

We've lost count on exactly what day of quarantine we're on but daydreams of brunch, mimosas and cute outfits are a constant right about now. With our outdoor activity limited to trips to the grocery store, at-home workouts and possibly work, wouldn't it be nice to ditch the stretchy pants and old pineapples for a moment??

Now, logic may say this is a complete waste of time, makeup and hair products, but we find getting dressed can really give your spirits a boost now that cabin fever has fully set in. We're challenging ourselves to put a little more effort in getting ready at least once a week. Whether that means going all out glam or simply brushing your hair for the first time in days, the change in routine is exactly what we all need right about now!

Of course, there's levels to the living room slay so we've put together five of our favorite looks from the living room...

1. Dressed + Ready to...eat

Date night can still happen, right?! Whether you're setting the table for one, having dinner with the family or a virtual date night, you can look the part! The best part?? No shoes required.

2. Cozy + Fresh-faced

Who said you had to give up comfort?! We're currently obsessed with luxe loungewear which can still give you the feeling of being put together without losing the comfort factor. 

3. All Out Glam

Ms. Jackie never ceases to serve a LOOK, even during the quarantine. It's the perfect time to test out a new look or learn a new make up technique. 

4. Cute + Casual

You can never go wrong with a crisp white button-down and a pair of jeans. Just wearing a pair of jeans while quarantined can feel like a major accomplishment. 

5. Playing Dress-Up

All dressed up and nowhere to go has a whole new meaning! But that's ok. It's the perfect time to go crazy with new prints and patterns. Test the waters just because you can! 

What's your favorite living room look? Let us know below!