From Coil Curls to Flawless Waves, a Style Guide

So, you’re looking for your next look…. something bold, natural and effortlessly stunning. Something that offers a bit of protection for your natural hair and is easy to create making sure you’re ready for whatever pops up on your calendar. From a casual brunch with the girlies to date night or your next big event, let this signature Melanj Hair look be at the top of your list. 

Featuring the NEW 16” Coil Curl UltraSlim V-part wig by Melanj Hair, Candace creates a look that carries us right into the new season with ease. We’re loving the UltraSlim V-part wigs because you can leave out less hair, which offers more protection than a traditional U-part wig. They can also be pre-styled, fully customized and installed within minutes, while preserving your style look after look. 

Let’s see how Candace transforms her Coil Curls into flawless waves…
Coil Curl UltraSlim V-part wig by Melanj Hair
- the details - 
Let's take a closer look... the natural texture of Coil Curl hair extensions by Melanj Hair are tightly coiled, curls that are made to blend with type 4 hair. This versatile texture can be braided, twisted and stretched using a blow dryer, which we will see in this style guide. The UltraSlim V-part wig cap has clips along the perimeter and a thick adjustable band at the nape of the wig, allowing for easy installation and a secure fit. The wig caps are created using an open weft concept, making it super breathable and lightweight when wearing. 
Blow dry Coil Curl UltraSlim V-part to stretch the natural texture
- step 1 -
To prep the style, Candace starts by stretching the hair using a low to medium heat setting on a handheld blow dryer. This is where you can really begin to see the versatility of the hair and how it truly mimics natural hair.... raise your hand if this is what your hair looks like when blow dried! [Disclaimer: It is recommended to use a heat protectant when applying heat to your hair extensions to preserve the natural curl pattern]
wrap the hair around a medium barrel curling wand in small sections
- step 2 - 
Using a 1.5-2" curling wand, wrap small sections of hair around the barrel to create loose, textured waves. Keeping in mind, the longer you leave the hair on the iron, the tighter the curls will be. 
wrap the hair around a medium barrel curling wand in small sections
- step 3 - 
Repeat this step throughout the hair. Using a curling wand in small sections is a great way to create a more uniform curl or wave pattern throughout the hair. Add your favorite holding hair spray to preserve the style for longer periods. Working with naturally textured hair extensions, means it performs almost identically to natural hair. ie. Curls will fall faster without some type of holding product and the hair will respond to humidity!
wrap the hair around a medium barrel curling wand in small sections
- step 4 -
As you've made your way around your head, use smaller sections in the front to create face framing curls. Gently separate any curls that are more defined with your fingers to give a more effortless look. 
Final look of flawless wand curls on Coil Curl hair extensions by Melanj Hair
- the look - 

Be prepared to enjoy the effortless, soft girl slay with this one! For more details, watch the full tutorial.