HELP! My Extensions Won't Blend...What You May Be Doing Wrong

help my hair won't blend, what you may be doing wrong

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of textured hair extensions or hair extensions in general and what you thought would be easy as 1, 2, 3….. well, isn’t. When choosing the best hair extensions, you’ll first want to be sure to check off all the right boxes. Visualize the style you want, consider your lifestyle, plan your install and how you’re going to get a seamless blend. If you’ve done all of these things and you’re still not getting that undetectable blend, there’s a few things you may be missing. 

Did you get the right texture??

As a rule of thumb, human hair extensions are meant to be the foundation to your style and you will have to make adjustments for that flawless finish, they are not meant to be “ready-to-wear”. When shopping for textured hair extensions, you want to carefully choose the best texture. It is important to understand how you plan to wear the extensions before making a choice. For instance, if you want something easy to install at home, you plan on wearing your type 4 hair straight or stretched and you want to use minimal heat on your natural hair -- you’ll want to choose the Coarse Kinky Straight clip-ins by Melanj Hair.


melanj hair curly textures


Did you get the right product??

When deciding between clip-in extensions and wefted hair bundles, you’ll want to think about who’s installing them and how long you plan to keep the style. Wefted hair extensions are one long track of hair sewn together to make a bundle. They’re typically sewn in by a professional for a long-term style or used to make wigs. Clip-in extensions, our most popular product, are easy-to-install, pre-cut wefted tracks with clip-in combs sewn on them for easy installation. You can choose to leave your hair out or braid it down before installing the clips. 


Did you customize the color?? 

When wearing human hair extensions, it is best to match the color with your natural hair. Melanj Hair extensions come in a natural 1B color but can be dyed to match your natural hair. If you dye or color treat your natural hair, you'll want to use the same product and process on your hair extensions. Having a perfect color match will put you on the road to a flawless blend. As a note, it is best to avoid pre-colored hair extensions as this will not look nearly as natural as a custom color match.


Did you wash & condition??

As gorgeous as our hair extensions may be out of the bag and as excited as you are to install them, do not skip your wash routine. In plain words -- DO NOT wear your hair extensions straight out of the pack! You are doing yourself and your hard earned coins a disservice if you do not properly prep your hair. That’s right, your blend game may not be as strong as it could be if you’re not washing both your hair and your hair extensions before installing. 

It is best to wash and condition your hair extensions with a gentle shampoo and slippery conditioner before styling. When using Melanj Hair extensions, feel free to use the same products you use on your natural hair as long as the products do not contain heavy oils or butters. Don’t forget to detangle the extensions while they’re wet with conditioner applied. Be sure to use a light leave-in conditioner and heat protectant if you plan to straighten or curl your extensions.

Did you prep your natural hair??

Aside from washing and conditioning your natural hair, you’ll want to be sure it’s prepped for the install. Usually the type of extensions you have will determine your installation method. For a super flat install, you’ll want to ensure your hair is properly braided down. Braids should be neat and tucked to ensure the extensions have a solid base to be installed. Be sure to leave hair loose around your hairline and part to get the most natural look. If you’re using clip-ins and leaving your hair loose for the install, you’ll want to be sure you’re using proper styling techniques, which we’ll talk about next!


Did you properly style your hair??

Last but certainly not least, using the proper styling techniques can make or break the final results of your style. As a rule of thumb, whatever you’ve done to your extensions, you’ll want to do to any of your natural hair that’s been left out. So if that means a twist out, be sure to twist your natural hair into the extensions for the best blend. If you’ve used a flat iron or curling wand to style your extensions, be sure to curl or straighten pieces of your natural hair WITH the extensions. Same goes for braid outs, wash n go’s, etc. This will ensure you can’t  tell where your extensions start and your natural hair ends, creating a flawless finish and an undetectable blend!


Now that you have the tools, you're well on your way to a seamless and undetectable blend. Happy styling!!