How to Make Thin Hair Look Full

Most of us dream of having a perfectly thick and full head of hair, but for many of us, that is not a reality. Whether your hair is naturally fine or you simply want to add more fullness overall, clip-in hair extensions are a quick, easy and non-damaging solution.

When adding any type of hair extensions to your routine, you want to start by finding extensions that match your hair texture and hair color. This will ensure the extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair and go totally unnoticed once they’re styled. 

Coarse Kinky Straight clip-ins by Melanj Hair are a perfect style companion for those who desire a textured blow out that’s full of volume and looks completely natural.

3 Tips to Wearing Clip-ins When You Have Thin or Fine Hair:

    • Frame your face -- Be careful not to install too many clips in the back of your head, forgetting about the front. If you find yourself going overboard in the back, simply remove clips from the back and clip them closer towards your hairline or part.
    • Less is more -- Don’t feel the need to use every single clip. For thinner hair textures, you may find that you don’t need to use the entire set of clip-ins for the style you want. For a natural everyday look, you may only choose to use 4-5 clips on your entire head, while you may opt for all 9 pieces on special occasions or when you want to braid your hair down completely.
    • Remove your clips before bed -- If you have naturally thin or fine hair, you want to be careful not to cause unnecessary pulling on your roots or around your hairline. It’s never recommended to wear clip-in hair extensions while sleeping, especially if you have fine hair. 

Watch how Erin adds more volume and length to her natural blow out by using Melanj Hair clip-in extensions. She is wearing a set of 16” Coarse Kinky Straight clip-ins from the Blow Out Collection. From the video, you can see Erin has decided to straighten and curl her extensions to blend with her natural silk press.