#IRL: Styling 20" Coil Curl clip-ins w/ Naima

What better way to see how a product truly works, than to see it on a real customer?! We’re excited to kick off our Melanj Hair IRL [in real life] series, where we show real customers and how they choose to style their Melanj Hair extensions. They are not paid, these are not sponsored…. Just real life customers! 

Let’s start with Naima… She’s using one set of Melanj Hair  20” Coil Curl clip-ins. To create a protective style, she chose to braid her natural hair down and install the clip-ins on top. Using a style cream and light gel, she twists her natural hair and hair extensions together, creating a gorgeous final look.

Naima in 20" Coil Curl clip-ins by Melanj Hair

The Breakdown:

Naima starts by co-washing her clip-ins before styling. This ensures her hair is in its best condition before she begins her style. You never want to install your hair extensions directly out of the packaging. Although packed with lots of love, they have been in the elements and smashed down into packaging for at least a couple of days during transit. Bring those curls to life by giving it a fresh wash before use!

Co-wash your hair extensions before installing for a fresh and finished style.

By braiding down her natural hair, Naima was able to create a very natural-looking protective style. We love this installation method because aside from offering protection to your natural hair, it also helps the blend.

When working with curly or natural-textured hair extensions, it takes a bit of practice to find which installation method works best for you. The braid down method is also great for those with very thick natural hair who may just want to add a bit more length. The reason being – If your natural hair is thick and you’re installing an extension with similar thickness but in a longer length, you will create this sort of halo effect where the areas of natural hair mixed with extensions are super full and the ends of the extensions are left dangling and unblended. Hope is not lost, simply change your install method. Opt for a braid down instead of having your hair loose to not only create a more seamless blend but, speed up your style time in the process. [read: pro tip]

choose to install your extensions into your hair while braided down for a natural-looking protective style

The twist out. I mean… What more can we say?! She KILLED this look. The process was so simple and no fuss, but the results were absolutely stunning! The best part? She twisted her natural hair WITH the extensions. Such a simple concept that goes a long way when it comes to creating a very natural-looking style. If you don’t twist, braid, comb or curl your natural hair into your hair extensions, your natural hair will lay on top of your extensions and the end result will not look blended or [insert: ehem] scalp-grown

apply styling product and twist hair in medium sections

Watch the full video for Naima's step-by-step process and products used. Let us know what you think! Want to be featured? Share your videos with us or tag us on social @melanjhair.


Naima's YouTube channel - https://tinyurl.com/3app6pj5

Naima's Instagram - https://tinyurl.com/5ah8nt7d