10 Styling Products for Curly, Coily Hair Extensions

Hair product aisle

One of the hardest things about styling coily or curly hair is knowing exactly what products to use to get the style you want. Because different styles and textures have different needs, it can feel like a never-ending spiral of trial and error when faced with choosing the right one. 

With options like -- gels, creams, butters, serums, etc., it’s not always super obvious which ones to grab, how to use them and if they will actually do what the label says.

We've compile a list of our top 10 styling products to use on curly hair extensions. We’ll start with the lightest and work our way up to the heavier hold products. You'll also find what textures we recommend the product for.... let's get started!

woman with long curly hair


Some conditioners are so amazing, they can do double duty when left in the hair. We find they work great as a lightweight styler when used in generous amounts on fully detangled, soaking wet hair. We recommend allowing curls to air dry which leaves them soft and bouncy. We love these products on wash-n-go styles, but can use them on braid outs and twist outs when we want a soft, fluffy result. Here's two of our favorite conditioners we use as stylers.


These styling foams are our holy grail when doing any type of roller or rod set. Each one gives just the right amount of hold, adds shine and doesn’t weigh the hair down. We recommend applying the styling foam to small sections of hair after using a leave in conditioner. Gently smooth the product through before wrapping the hair around the rod. For best results, dry with medium heat under a hooded dryer. The heat will activate the product leaving a soft, yet strong hold. Check out our favorites below.


Styling creams are probably the MOST popular type of styling product used on curly and coily hair textures. Because of this, there’s a ton of options, many with ingredients we wouldn’t recommend using on textured hair extensions. 

Our favorites by Camille Rose Naturals and TGINatural are great for twist outs and braid outs if you’re wanting curl definition and a soft end result. It’s best to apply to wet hair, but can be used on dry hair in small amounts. Using too much on dry hair can cause the hair to be sticky and weighed down.


Of all the products on the list, we find the EBW Hydrating Serum to be the most unique. Unlike a typical serum that’s often used as a finishing product to add shine, this hydrating serum is more like a very lightweight gel. Used on looser curl patterns, it creates an amazing amount of curl definition with a soft hold. It can also be used on wash-n-go’s, twist outs and braid outs.


For optimal curl definition and hold, it’s best to grab a styling gel; preferably one that will lock in moisture, too. For wash-n-go’s we like to rake the products through wet hair, after a leave-in conditioner has been applied and focusing on the ends of the hair. You’ll see the curls start to pop almost immediately. Once the curls have been defined, let them air dry without touching and you’re ready to go! Check out our holy grail styling gels below.

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