6 Black-Owned Hair Accessories We're Loving

Not only are hair accessories a fun way to spruce up your style, finding the RIGHT hair accessory can make or break your look. Different accessories serve different purposes, so it’s a great idea to stock up on a variety. That way, you’ll be ready for any occasion that comes your way.

Maybe you want something simple to jazz up your birthday or holiday hairstyle. Or you need something practical to protect your hairstyle between wash days. Whatever the reason (or season), we’re rounded up 6 Hair Accessories We’re Loving at the moment. These accessories are a mix between practical and pretty and an added bonus??  They are all Black-Owned -- Whoo Whoo!!

So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at 6 Black-Owned Hair Accessories We’re Loving:

1. Mocha Mane

Mocha Mane has curated a collection of “blackity black” hair clips aka #ClipsForTheCulture and we are in LOVE! The bedazzled hair accessories with phrases like, “Baby Hair”, “Edges”, “kinks” and “coils” will certainly make a statement. The line also features a collection of simple hair clips that come in a brown girl friendly color palette like black and rose gold.


2. Glow by Daye

Glow by Daye is a line of quality and highly functional accessories for maintaining the health of your hair. The company features a line of satin bonnets, scarves and deep conditioning caps that come in a variety of prints and colors. We also love that they have kids’ bonnets because it’s never too early to start a healthy hair journey. 

These types of products should be at the foundation of any healthy hair routine and Glow by Daye makes them super convenient to use. The ease of using a deep conditioning cap vs the traditional hooded hair dryer is enough to win us over!

3. Grace Eleyae 

Grace Eleyae is a hair accessory company that offers modern hair protection that is both stylish and super functional. Their line of silk and satin-lined hats and scarves are so good, it’s a wonder we ever lived without them!

Many of us spend at least 8 hrs a night with some type of silk or satin barrier between our hair and our beloved pillow. But what about the products you use during the day?? Traditional hats and headbands are made from the very materials we wouldn’t dare sleep in, which is why Grace Eleyae’s upgrade to these products are genius! Our favorites are the satin-lined baseball cap, beanie and Original Slap.

4. Babytress

Finally -- We can put the toothbrush away! Babytress has changed the edge slaying game with its perfectly designed, Edge Styler brush. The double-sided styler features a side for slicking, a side for swooping and a pointed tip for defining. Definitely a game changer.


5. The Wrap Life

The Wrap Life offers a collection of beautifully, stylish head wraps, turbans and headbands. They come in a variety of colors and patterns that are super chic and very pleasing to the eye. We love the idea of having a collection of head wraps for adding texture to your outfits or to look more polished between hair styles. You can even wear your wrap with your hair down for a super cute look.


6. Hairbrella

Hairbrella is a modern rain hat with PLENTY of room for all your natural hair styles -- blow outs, curls, coils, fros and locs! After carefully prepping your hair, going out in the rain is a nightmare -- to put it nicely. Even with an old-fashioned umbrella, rain still manages to get under there and mess up your masterfully crafted locks.

With the Hairbrella, you can carefully tuck your tresses into the water-proof hat and keep it pushing without worrying about your hair getting wet. GENIUS!


What hair accessories are you loving? Let us know!