How to Blend Corkscrew Curl Clip-ins with Type 3 Natural Curls

Clip-in hair extensions can be a life-changer but if you’ve never used them, there can be a little bit of a learning curve. Add in a natural texture and you may find yourself downright confused as to how you’re supposed to, not only install them, but get the curls to match your own. 

Curtisha shows us how she blends the 18” Corkscrew Curl clip-ins with her natural curls. For this style, she’s using her fingers, a spray bottle, Eco Styler gel and a Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

Before making your first purchase, you’ll want to determine which curl pattern will work best for you. Our Curls Collection by Melanj Hair is meant for a range of Type 3 and 4 hair types, which basically means curly to coily hair textures. If you’re not familiar with the “hair type” system, you can also look at the size of the curls or coils at the ends of your natural hair and find the one that’s the closest. If that doesn’t work, you can always ask us for a recommendation!

Curls Collection textures by Melanj Hair

Next, you’ll want to think about how you plan to install your extensions. If you’re planning to leave your hair out, it is equally as important to maintain a healthy natural hair routine even though you’re wearing extensions. Again, this is to get the BEST blend possible. If your hair is needing a little more TLC or in the process of transitioning, you’ll want to consider braiding your natural hair down or styling your hair in a braid or twist out. This will help blend your natural hair with your extensions.

Lastly, choose your products wisely and embrace the frizz!! Using the correct conditioner and styling product is key. Take a look at our recommended product list here. Finally, fluff your curls, shake them out and let them get a little messy in order for your style to look the most natural. You may be wearing extensions but that doesn’t mean anyone else has to know.

Corkscrew Curl clip-ins by Melanj Hair

Our Corkscrew Curl clip-ins and wefts are made to blend with Type 3b/3c curl patterns. These curls tend to be a tighter spiral shape but not quite a kink or coil. This mid-range curl pattern is perfect for wash n go’s, ponytails and big fluffy curls!