How to Roller Set Clip-in Hair Extensions

We are always looking for new ways to spice up our favorite staple hairstyles. The roller set is a style that has been around for years and is one of the safest ways to curl your hair extensions and natural hair. By limiting the amount of direct heat applied to the hair, you can prolong the life of your extensions.

There are many types of rollers, but we love to work with flexi rods. Flexi rods are easy-to-use, bendable foam rollers that come in a variety of sizes. The larger sizes are used to create a soft and sultry style, while the smaller sizes give a more high-definition, curly look. We love to use the purple Flexi rods, which are 7/8" in diameter. 

Whitney holding Flexi rods for Melanj Hair

Once you’ve decided what size of roller or flexi rod you’ll be using, you will need a styling product that has a light hold without weighing your hair down or leaving it sticky. A styling foam is perfect because it gives your hair a satin finish and is virtually weightless. Some of our favorite styling foams are Proclaim Olive Oil Foaming Wrap Lotion, Nairobi Wrapp-It Shine Foaming Lotion and Texture ID Thermal Multi-Styling Foam.

Style tip: Braid most of your hair down before your install your clip-ins. This makes it super easy to remove the clip-ins at night and pop them back in the next day without disrupting the curls.

You will also need to determine if you want to start on wet or dry hair. Roller setting on dry hair is a faster styling process from start to finish, but it may not last as long; typically 2-4 days. Roller sets on wet hair will have more curl definition and last longer but the styling process is longer because of the time it will take to dry.


Once you've completed rolling your hair, it will need to dry completely by air drying or sitting under a hooded hair dryer with medium heat. The hair dryer will speed up your dry time, especially if you're starting on wet hair. After your hair is 100% dry, you can begin removing the rollers and separating the curls. Use your fingers or a Denman brush for a soft and sultry look.

Watch as Whitney Rene shows how she creates a stunning roller set from start to finish using a set of Coarse Kinky Straight clip ins by Melanj Hair. The results are magical!