Vintage Flipped-Out Ponytail

It’s not quite wash day but your current style has run its course?? No worries…. We got you! Stretching your styles between wash days really comes in clutch when you don’t have the time OR the energy to start from scratch. This trending ponytail with a vintage flip is quick, easy and oh so chic!

From red carpets to your favorite influencers, we’re seeing this 90s hair trend everywhere. Typically featured on bone straight hair, we couldn’t wait to add some texture to the style to give it the Melanj flair. 

Check out how Blake recreated the trend using a set of 18” Coarse Kinky Straight clip-ins on her old blow out. Our Coarse Kinky Straight clip-ins are the perfect blend for hair types 3B/C - 4C because they will blend with your hair blown out hair using minimal heat.

What you'll need:

For starters, you'll want to gather you hair into a high ponytail or puff and secure loosely with a ponytail holder. Apply edge control or gel to the perimeter of your ponytail and begin smoothing it in place with your boar bristle brush. This will ensure your ponytail is nice and sleek. Once you have it to your liking, securing with a ponytail holder.
Now you're ready to work on the ponytail -- gather your puff and tie it down with a ponytail holder. This is great for thicker and/or shorter natural hair. If your hair is longer or fully detangled, you can choose to braid your ponytail instead. Once you have your ponytail base, you're ready to begin installing your clip-ins.
Starting at the base of your ponytail, begin wrapping your clip-ins around the ponytail until you reach the base of the ponytail. To conceal the wefts at the base of the ponytail, grab a small section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail, wrap it around the wefts and secure it with a bobby pin.
After your ponytail is secured, use a 1.5" curling iron to flip the ends. Apply hair clips to hold the curl in place until it cools, this will ensure the curl is fully set in place. Once your curls are set, you're ready to SLAY your vintage ponytail!