How to Style a Twist Out with Corkscrew Curl Clip-ins

When it comes to extensions, we say it all the time…’s all about the BLEND! There’s nothing worse than worrying about whether or not your hair extensions are truly passing the seamless test. You’ve seen it -- hair textures that may not match or blunt ends that stick out like a sore thumb. Fortunately, there’s remedies to these problems that are easier than you think. After choosing the best texture to match your natural hair, you want to be sure you’re styling your extensions properly. So, we’ll be talking about one of the easiest ways to ensure your hair extensions pass the blend test every single time! 

twist out using Corkscrew Curl Clip-ins by Melanj Hair

Twist-outs have been a staple style and one of the easiest ways to blend your hair extensions with your natural hair. Not only are twist-outs a super easy style (even for beginners), it’s a great way to avoid heat if you’re looking for a protective style. Before we get into the twist-out, let’s talk about prepping your hair. Let’s just say, you never want to use your hair *ehem* straight-out-of-the-pack.  For the best look and feel and to maximize the bounce and movement of your hair, you’ll want to wash and condition your hair and hair extensions prior to styling.

Once you’ve washed and conditioned your hair and extensions, you’re ready to start styling. For this look, you can choose to braid your own hair down before installing, or install clip-ins right into loose natural hair. 

Let’s see how Nike does her twist out using  a set of 20” Corkscrew Curl clip-ins.

ready to install Melanj hair corkscrew curl clip ins

For this look, she’s braided the back of her hair down while leaving the front section out for a natural look.. This method is great if you want to save time -- Instead of having to blend your entire head with the extensions, you can focus on blending the front only.  

After prepping the extensions, you’re ready to install into the back section of your head. To install the clip-ins, bend the clip to click open, insert the comb into your roots and bend back to snap closed. The clip should be snug but not pulling for comfort. Continue installing the extensions about 1 inch apart until you’ve reached the front section.

install corkscrew curl clip ins by melanj hair

Once your extensions are installed, begin twisting. Using your favorite styling products, or the ones we’ve recommended here, you’ll want to twist your hair in 2” sections making sure to twirl the ends to for a finished look. Continue twisting making sure to twist the extensions with your natural hair as you work your way towards the front. 

Style tip: Wear your twists for a couple days before unraveling to give yourself a bit more time before your next wash day.

Twist Out using Corkscrew Curl clip-ins by Melanj Hair

Once your hair is completely dry, gently unravel your twists. Separate and fluff to your desired fullness and add colored hair pins to complete the look.

Show us your twist out! Have you tried this look with your Melanj Hair extensions?? Send us a selfie or tag us on Instagram to be featured!